We, as Lay Carmelites, are called to the Family of Carmel to be involved

deeply in the mission of the Church.  We strive to contribute to the

sanctification and transformation of the secular world.  We do this by

sharing or participating in the charism of the Carmelite Order.  In short,

the Charism of Carmel is: prayer (personal and liturgical); community

(a love of those with whom we live and work); ​and apostolic work

(solidarity with God's People everywhere).

The call to Carmel is the call to see God's will in the ordinary circumstances

of everyday life.  We find in Mary, the Mother of Jesus, and in the Prophet

Elijah the models for this way of Gospel living. 


Mary reminds us to listen to God's Word and to cooperate with His will for

the salvation of all people.  In Elijah, we are shown an example of prophetic action.  We are shown a life spent in the service of God - service which finds its source in a profound experience of God through prayer.

A Call to Carmel